Is Your Depression a Gift that can actually heal your life?
Trying to get rid of your depression can suck the life right out of you.

Have you ever noticed that the harder you fight your depression, the harder it fights back?

There is an existing approach that's already working for A LOT of people.

By discovering the value of your depression, you become empowered to overcome it. Your depression can guide you towards a hidden balance that already exists within your life. You'll be amazed at the hope hiding right under your nose.
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John Castagnini and ThankGodi have been and are my ‘life’ saver. From suffering depression, to being downtrodden by my mother for years and years, I thought that I’d always live believing I was a victim, that I was destined to struggle, that clinically and medically I was a melancholy depressive. These beliefs were obviously painful and limited me in many ways: In my career, my relationship with men, my body… the list is endless.
I learned how these things, like my mother, which I perceived as negative, had actually served me well. I had only been seeing it from one side of the coin. This, then, took me to a point of gratitude and set me free to make inspired choices to live how I would love to. I can not say enough how incredible and beautiful John’s teachings are. They are truly revolutionary and allow human beings to transcend and evolve. I have read so many esoteric books, from Buddhism to Tantra, Jainism and Islam, but none of them ever really gave me a practical, simple way of living. What John teaches is groundbreaking, and I am going from success to higher success each day. I tell everybody I meet about him, and stand by his methods and teaching 1000%. It’s not even about help, it’s about being true to who you are, and he leads you to it.”
— Ava Rabekah Rahman
“I am a writer/producer of theater and I’m extremely thankful to John C and “ThankGodi” for helping me to finally BE free — emotionally — concerning my father-figure issues. I carried this void in my heart for fifty years feeling like I was unloved and shamefully undeserving of a truly free existence, especially with men. I looked for validation from the outside to fill this bottomless need for love. However, in 3 short weeks with John’s assistance, I completely balanced all resentment and victim-like energy that had plagued me my whole life and I entered into my 50th year as ‘my own queen’ rather than my father’s wounded child. I am now fully in my power, I have a successful show and a promising career, I am deeply respected by everyone I meet and my Dad and I are loving friends. There is a magical space one can access when they are free. I now see that I’m being served by everything that happens even if it appears to be negative. I am free and am able to help others overcome their obstacles because I am living proof!”
— Donna Moore
Screenwriter for the Broadway hit “Cougar”
"ThankGodi… delivers true transformation and empowerment
 – attained when we allow ourselves to discover the gift in the greatest adversities and tragedies of our lives."
-Demian Lichtenstein
Writer/Producer/Director, 3000 Miles To Graceland
Fill in Your Name and Email Address to receive The Blessings of Depression and your FREE BONUS copy of The Equilibration Conversation
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